Master in economics Bielefeld, Germany

Master economics Germany is a university faculty. The University is located in the city of Bielefeld and gives high quality...

Master economics Germany is a university faculty. The University is located in the city of Bielefeld and gives high quality training. Master economics Bielefeld is part of the training program approved by the methods of Quantitative Economics (QEM) of the European Union (, in terms of international graduate degrees. His teaching is done in English, full-time and over a period of 2 years. The nice location of the city of Bielefeld allows students to easily carry out their tasks.


The subjects taught

Master economics Germany grants rigorous training using fundamental quantitative tools associated with economic theory base and following related quantitative disciplines: statistics, probability, econometrics, finance, actuarial calculations and simulations, mathematical modeling, experimental designs without forgetting the part of political science.

The different specializations

The quality of courses that lead to this mastery gives students the opportunity to specialize in an area of their choice among several paths available to them. This is also why the Master economics Bielefeld citizens have easy access to the labor market. Positions in government agencies, the private sector, but also national and international financial institutions they are offered. This is why Master economics Bielefeld is an honorary diploma awarded to those who deserve it and who have an intellectual capacity on top.

Good conditions for Bielefeld

Good Bielefeld geographical conditions allow winners who want and are able to obtain a master economics Germany feel under favorable conditions for those who want to assimilate these materials in connection with the economy. Did you know? Bielefeld is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. It is characterized by its beautiful weather that lasts throughout the year, which is also attractive to tourists.


Looking for training in economics and you has the ability. This Master economics was established for you. You have the chance to obtain a Master’s in a place that many people ignore. Do not miss it. Above all, the conditions of training are most favorable to you.

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